Romantic_knight is located in Spain and has been a SingSnap member since January 30, 2017. He has a total of 106 public recordings that have been viewed 20,520 times.

I'm Jan, for the english speaking it is pronounced as "Yaan".

In the spring 2019 i've lost my dear wife, and needed a long break so i could find my self again.

Well, i'm back with the status of "single", but even it is fun to be single, i still say as i did before, that let's keep it to the singing part. We can have fun, little flirt, but i still need time to recover. But you know what? It is fun to be single.

I'm danish of origin, lived in Norway for 21 years, but now i'm living in Spain on the sunny part of Costa Blanca, where life is good all the time. So are the ladies too in Europe, hot.

So no Singsnap romance for me, as i prefer a new sweetheart who speaks my own native language. Sorry girls, but that's the way i feel.

I am a romantic lover, not a warrior, and not a fighter, so please keep you wars, fights, and drama away from me. I'm here to sing, have fun, and nothing else.

You can follow me on that romantic road I have chosen to follow, to visit some of the most beautiful musical highways there is out there.