I am what i am. Need no approval to be me!

Romantic_knight is located in Spain and has been a SingSnap member since January 30, 2017. He has a total of 25 public recordings that have been viewed 1,648 times.

Hi. My name is Jan for those of you english speaking it is pronounced as Yaan

1. I'm here to sing, and to have fun. I'm not a fighter, nor am i a warrior, but just a singer. So please keep your fights, battles and drama away from me.

2. I'm happily married, and i'm not playing the Singsnap Love game. So let's just keep it to the singing part, and let's have the time of our lives with song and music!

3. Sorry, but for now i don't feel like singing duets. Maybe later
when things settle down again.

5. It is so good to be in Spain, so now i'm about to move from Norway to Spain, because of that, i might not have much time to be here, but i sure will be more on again when we are setteled in the new house in Spain. But for now we need to sell our house in Norway before we can move. So just let's have fun. Happy singing, and remember to smile a lot.

I will be your Romantic Knight or Troubadur if you wish. I,m back now as a gold member.

The background picture is from Lemvig Harbour in beautiful Denmark.