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Not doing so well. I'll be back once I can get rid of this. Keep rockin' til then :)

Rocker_Girl's real name is Jewels Love. Jewels is 42 years old, is located in Canada and has been a SingSnap member since October 30, 2006. She has a total of 366 public recordings that have been viewed 56,491 times and 344 achievement points.

I've been privileged to be part of the first people on this site. I have loved being on here. I have met so many nice people. Someone on here saw potential in me and helped me online to become a better singer and because of this led me to be a lead singer in a rock band for awhile
I'm on here to have fun and be creative. As the years have past, I've been able to find new and fun things to do with video making. They are just an outlet for my creativity. I grew up in the MuchMusic/MTV era when it was big and the way it SHOULD be. Not this gunk now LOL So I have fun trying to create styles and the feel of them. I like making friends on here and finding people to sing with
I can be a big goof, joke around and all. Sometimes I might look and sound serious with my videos, but it's just me playing around. Don't take me serious, I know I don't LOL
Drop by and say hi! I always come and visit your site too.

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         Brass In Pocket  Damn Wish I Was     I Touch Myself
                                  Your Lover
               My Heart Will Go On       Bedtime Story

Hello Jewels!
This is one hauntingly beautiful
song and sing Jewels!
I'm loving the sound!!
Superb performance my friend!
Hugs and God bless!
ON Creep - Radiohead

Beautiful piece of Soft Rock from you this morning Jewels ...... you Owned it !!

Sweet and Gentle Ear Candy ..........

Ima LOVE it nobodyhome

ON One - U2



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