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RJMILLS is 54 years old, is located in New York / USA and has been a SingSnap member since March 27, 2012. He has a total of 115 public recordings that have been viewed 4,869 times and 153 achievement points.

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live in FLA grew up in NY---brother said my profile pic i look mad LOL i had just lost 10 pounds and my arms looked slim in that pic n all the other CAM pics i look chuBBY lol. yrs ago besides was told when i smile i look like BILL clinton so i dont smile in pics, but in the real world i smile and laugh all the time. was always on CAM singing but recently have issues with my PC n the CAM so till i get it checked out no cam,but singing is most important in that regard. just leave my studio profile page plain-i love to see others greatly designed pages,but if i start with that i will be changing it daily-it took me 2 months to decide what color i was painting my living room when i brought my condo lol very undecisive!! sing/ sinsnap is great~~for what 70 cents a day n huge access to songs,opportunity to become the best singer POSSIBLE throo practice,thats what its all about practice~~-and have made some marvelous friends on SS as well, and the support n friendship is remarkable and ILL never 4get that---singsnaps a great escape from the real world full of many negative elements. just watch the news, Bad is everywhere, a complete lack of RESPECT towards eachother not everyone most people are fine but ya got your bad sour apples in this world today on SS we get to pick and choose the good ones,make friends to share music with and thats a BLESSING- I often spend to much time on S SNAP and other stuff dont get done lolol but its all about filling our time with FUN n listening to some truly wonderful singers,who are full of sincerity and energy, the negative stuff? ughhhhh NO!! we aint got the time not when theres more GOOD in the world.