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let me clarify something i posted i have much respect for police,firefighters and military in the context of protection and saving lives,but w/regards to cops and brutal treatment to minorities? im from NYC theres no doubt that minorities are treated unfairly by some police ive seen it, i dont know at what level but it happens. so there are some sour apples in law enforcement, absolutely.----anyways ,have home in florida but am a resident longtime ny ker-hot months i spend in NY, but ny is hot to in the summer to whewwww!!!!singsnaps a great escape from the everyday stresses of life-have made many friends on SS and enjoy listening to them sing as well- a great escape indeed is SS,turn on the news,its not good-turn on these tv talent shows? most of them are way overrated wannabee singers so i tune out lol many reality shows make my skin crawl lol-like nature shows-love CATS big small dont matter-speak to my brother on the phone ALOT LOLOL hes always pushing me to do open mic comedy night in nyc i do celebrity impersonations,has been bugging me since the 80s--ive been focussing on singing and have gotten way better indeed. again SS is great for practicing music with great access to it-so much EVIL in the world now!!! its well worth the price. i just leave my studio profile page plain-i love to see others great dsigned pages,but if i start with that?i will be changing it daily-it took me 2 months to decide what color i was painting my living room when i brought my condo lol very undecisive!! keep singing RJ