RJMILLS' real name is rj mills. rj is 54 years old, is located in New York / USA and has been a SingSnap member since March 27, 2012. Currently, he has a total of 57 public recordings which have been viewed 1,904 times.

actually live in fla-since 95 but just consider myself a nyker-many have asked why i cut my public recordings down to 37-heres why-my two cats rocky n remy got them as 5 week old babies-on 911 2001.lost friends in those towers so i needed something-had these two absolutely amazing best friends over 12 years- remy suddenly started to deteriorate last summer,blood clots n other issues rocky his other half soon became very depressed,then sick by late sept 13-they are no longer here and the suffering for them is over,BUT i never realized how i would miss them so badly-its gotten way better tho.BUT i had had over 400 songs on my profile-i know rocky and remy are peppered about on many of them,so rather then having to see them,i just locked the 400 songs up,for now soon i will be able to go throo them and put most back-anyways thats why all my songs are locked away,ive been asked alot about it-TY . also plan on turning my large spare room into a studio-cuz lately having some recording mixer issues n of course the usual vocal sore stuff,but soon i will have state of art studio so i can belt out into a very high register/key ect...w/out having to hold back fearing distortion---my brother is ringing my phone gotta run lol (Image © kennymatic / Flickr CC:Attribution)background font=Merriweather+Sans contentColor=#000000 opacity=50]