RJMILLS is 55 years old, is located in Florida / USA and has been a SingSnap member since March 27, 2012. He has a total of 121 public recordings that have been viewed 5,122 times and 244 achievement points.

HI friends, In the real world and on SS many have asked me about songs ive removed,still got em-in oct 2013 had to put down my two cats rocky n remy,got them as kittens on 911 2001,i lost friends in those towers,that night got two kittens.brothers. rocky had terminal cancer n remy was severely depressed as was i. I had 12 amazing years w/them-about 3000 videos and songs i did ova the yrs, they are in many of em,i couldnt handle seeing them, but its getting better and am slowly unlocking performances and will be back on profile, not all but most.songs from all genres. i sing live, dont use any reverb autoune, pre records,vocal enhancers, or effects BUT IF I WAS P/C SAVVY w/TECH STUFF-PROBABLY WOULD,most do in show biz anyways. some days voice.throat issues and technical/mic mixer issues prevail. lol. My mic and equptment is fairly good, but would love to turn my guest room into a professional studio,some day. My brother said my profile pic, i look mad so i changed it to one smiling,somewhat lol. singsnap is great~~to me practice,thats what its all about, to make us the best possible singers,just sing.~~-I have made some marvelous friends on SS. The support is great, comments and LIBz are great but many dont comment and just listen,thats great to,i often listen and dont comment.---singsnaps a great escape from the real world,best about SS is access to songs. baseball i love lolol SEE MY LION LOL WIZARD OF OZ FIDLER ON THE ROOD AND WIFE SUSAN GOLD,ON A MY CHARACTERS,INTRODUCING HIM. LITTLE ILLEGITIMATE BRANDO?