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Alison Krauss & Union Station - There Is A Reason


I know I haven't been on singing very much, but I have found it necessary to focus on other areas of my life as in work, and my hours can be odd.

I am very creative and a thinker, and consider my self an artist(painter), poet, and a free spirit. I love singing and hope to do more thanI have been and its been very little...I always welcome any listeners whether or not you comment and or push that button...main thing is, I appreciate everyone's time.

I do love listening to your music, and all of the entertainment here and let me say, there is so much of of it to see and hear..its a lot of fun for me. As for myself, I sing all types of songs and love doing that...I'm not an experienced singer but its the enjoyment I get out of singing that matters to me. What Unites all of us is our appreciation and love of music and that's a great thing

Riptide - Artist: Vance Joy

The song above performed by Vance Joy is one that I love among the many that my Oldest granddaughter Julie sings and plays on the Acoustic guitar so far away in the south bay of CA...someday maybe she and my daughter will share their wonderful talents here. But, that's probably not going to happen.
They can both play the ukulele and acoustic guitar.....they are both a beautiful experience to watch and listen to when they are together or alone.

Artist: City And Colour - The Girl

I love this song "The Girl" sung above by the group City and Colour, One of the many beautiful songs that my daughter sings and plays on the ukulele. I miss my girls.


Such a happy and memorable scene One of my favorite movies and actor John Candy of that time in my life now. 1989 (: