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redhead30's real name is Pam Griffin. Pam is 66 years old and has been a SingSnap member since June 10, 2011. Pam has a total of 10 public recordings that have been viewed 778 times and 60 achievement points.

This is Abby my newest Grand daughter (0:

I'm just an old country girl I love to sing and I sing from my heart I'm a stay at home wife, loved working but my health does not allow that anymore. I was a (CNA) nurse aid and a HHA I cried when I had to stop working because my job was so rewarding. If not for my sister I would not be singing because I gave up on singing when I found out I had COPD but she did not give up on me. One night I was at her house and she said come on Pam you can still sing and she opened me a account and I'm so thankful to her because when I sing I'm not someones wife or someones mother or someones Nana I'm just me doing something I love to do which is singing. I have met so many nice people on this site and it has been a wonderful experience for me.