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RagingRiver is 58 years old, is located in Oregon / USA and has been a SingSnap member since July 30, 2007. He has a total of 81 public recordings that have been viewed 7,683 times and 24 achievement points.

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Hi all!!! This is RagingRiver comin' at ya with a boatload of music!! I am happily married to Whiskey and have been since 1986 (sorry girls, she's all I can handle LOL). Seriously though, I am only here because she likes it here. We tried SingShot and did not find the comaraderie or song selection or anything that even closely resembled a community there, so when she found this site, I just followed along and we have been very happy here ever since. I don't sing to gain popularity, or to sign a record deal (Yeah as if). We come here to sing and have a good time. We generally don't use the star ratings so don't bother lookin' for them. Hope to make a few friends and share some music!!