Princess-Junne's real name is Princess - Junne. Princess is 31 years old, is located in Texas / USA and has been a SingSnap member since April 21, 2012. Currently, she has a total of 109 public recordings which have been viewed 21,567 times.

I am into the third decade of my life, I have Irish Twins, Zumba intructor-holic and Insanity Instructor!

Q: Is Princess-Junne your real name?
A: Princess-Junne is my birth given name, inherited from my aunt and uncle whom passed a long time ago. But you can still call me whatever.

Q: What mixer do you use?
A: I don't own one. I use the MMSB and tweak the mic volume settings on my mic while recording.

Q: Why don't you try out for AI, The Voice etc?
A: I have. Every year since 2003. Still no "YES" to the live auditions, but I've come close, I got a "YES" into the 2nd preliminary auditions for The Voice 2 years ago.

Q: Have you had vocal training?
A: Oh, when I was about 12. For just a few months. Opera. It helped a lot with my breathing. I practice that to this day. Diaphragm breathing is really good for you! Try it!

I've met some incredible people on this site and learned something from each of them.

Thanks for stopping by. speaks...

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