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Poundcake is a song by Van Halen that is about a girl that goes to try to get a job as a stripper and in the process realizes she's worth much more than that, so she decides to be simple, down home, down to earth, someone you can always count on to be true and normal like a POUNDCAKE, in Van
Halens eyes, a POUNDCAKE IS A woman with good moral values and will always be true, which is actually what the boys prefer. And the girls in the video are pretty hot too.LOL! Yes Bon Jovi is my #2 fav. I love me some JBJ booty shakin anyday MMMMMMMMMM good stuff!!

Poundcake was the name I chose for myself when I first joined this website.....My husband started to sing on here a lil later so now we share the account.