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pinkiegreen17's real name is Nancy Doster. Nancy is 31 years old, is located in Tennessee / USA and has been a SingSnap member since July 11, 2007. She has a total of 12 public recordings that have been viewed 699 times and 34 achievement points.

I Won My First Contest!

My Name Is Nancy

I'm From Memphis..

Living In Millington..

Graduated in 2006...

Currently living with my parents...

My Bestest Friend Of All Is


I Love To Sing..

Also Dancing.. But You'd Rather Hear Me Sing lol..!

First Off I'd Like To Say

I Don't Care If You Like Me

It's All Mind Over Matter

I Don't Mind,And You Don't Matter

I Am Twenty

I Am Single :]

I Am Not In School

I Have Some Of The Most Awesome Friends In The World

And The Best Family

I Don't Talk Much Sometimes

Yet Other Times...I WON'T SHUT UP...

Favorite Color Is Green

I Idolize Britney Spears

I Love Decorating

Yes I'm A Lazy Bitch

But If I Have Shit On My Mind

You Will Most Likely See Me Cleaning..

I Don't Have Kids,But I Might As Well Have

I Am With My Niece And Nephew Alot..

And I Have Three Little Cousins That Have Been Under My Wing For A Long Time..

Nothing Says It Better Than Music

Music Has A Very,Very Big Impact On The World

I Am 5'4"ish

Brown Hair

Brown Eyes

I Love My Hair

Here Is My Myspace Page

Click Here For My Page

To Add My Email Is

My msn name is

My yahoo is xokissesxokatxo
Hit me up..
I Got Some Friends On This Site You Should Check Them Out..

Jus Click The Names It Should Take You Right to Them

First Is My Mommie

This is One Of My Best Friends Bubba Reptifreak32

Next Is My Cousin Amber Bike_Babe14

And My Aunt Shirley Memphis_mfg

This Is My Uncle Ricky Southern_Man

This Is My Cousin Rick Falconeer

This is My Uncle Bobby Atlanta-Boy

This Is My Sister Sonya Dakessa

This Is My Uncle Danny Dant

This Is A Friend Of Mine Dana dltnctymom

This Is A Singsnap Favorite Of Mine Jerome NextNashvilleStar

This Is My Aunt Kathy Kitten416

This Is My Uncle Don Rebel6

This Is My Cousin Kesha GraciTay

And Last For Now Is Skyler MississippiSky

Look Up Nancy-N-Kris10 [Its A Joint Name Me And My Friend Both Use!]