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PinkAngel's real name is Anne Marie. Anne is located in Maine / USA and has been a SingSnap member since November 15, 2006. She has a total of 99 public recordings that have been viewed 6,144 times and 107 achievement points.

I'm so glad to be back again. I miss this place so much. Been gone since 2014. I'm a vocalist guitar player. I've been off this site for quite a few years. I have such a long story, but..all in all, I've learned to appreciate the little things in life. Like having a roof over my head, not being overly worried about losing it all. Knowing that what we give to the universe, is just as important as what the universe gives to us. We need all life on earth and all life on earth needs us. Stress kills. Trying to live a stress free life in this world can seem impossible and to a certain decree it is. But to live a life where stress can be reduced is my goal. I have epilepsy, PTSD, ADHD.. and other crazy things that have plagued me over the years. I DO believe in Medicinal Cannabis as not only a safe sure way of medication but also can be a cure for cancer and Epilepsy. I was on Facebook for years because it was free and I didn't have a computer or any money at all for subscription here. I still don't but I am working now and making that a priority. I love music, singing, playing.. it's my world. Facebook has not been very kind to me lately, long story, but.. I've decided to come back to the music and people I love. I have met so many people on here and dated a few too. All things happen for a reason. I have met some that have passed me by but.. I have learned lessons as well and have no regrets. I hope that you can enjoy my music on here and that I can meet more wonderful people as well. I'm not single at this time.. have a TERRIFIC boyfriend who has met many great musicians and as well ..did a world tour with Duran Duran and Rhodied with ZZ Top as well. We go to allot of concerts and watch a lot of bands. He recently was in a terrible motorcycle accident and near died. It's been a slow process for his healing. Many broken bones and contusions and ruptured organs. He's making it out really well though.. almost all healed and ready to get back to traveling, getting out to see bands and working again.


LOL I don't believe I did this.. ha ha..



An original song I created electronically

An original song I created electronically
I sang a tiny bit in this


JESUS FREAK Combination of DC Talk and my own

ARE YOU TIRED OF RELIGION My first song I wrote,