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PerryC is located in Florida / USA and has been a SingSnap member since July 10, 2011. He has a total of 339 public recordings that have been viewed 16,855 times and 368 achievement points.[/background

Work at The Net House in Cocoa FL
Presently not working due to severe injuries from traffic accident in May of 2018
UPDATE: I was not able to overcome some of my injuries and was put on permanant disability in Nov of 2019.

Love to sing....
don't know if Im any good at it (profound 70% bilateral hearing loss since birth),
but my momma always said "if you can't sing pretty, sing loud" LOL

* a note about my hearing:. It is underdeveloped nerve as i was a premie. I can here low frequencies, and high frequencies but in between is spotty, some i can barely hear, some i cannot hear no matter how much its amplified. Sadly mist if the loss is in the range of the human voice.
It was dicovered when i was 6, prior to that they thought i had mental issues. There were no hearing aids st the time that could really help. In order to make what i couldnt hear audible sounds i could here were painfully loud. They did thier best they could with the tecnology of the times.
I do not sound or act deaf because my parents spent a fourtune sendinf me to Helen Keller school for the deaf, learned sign launguage, lip reading, how to speak and pronounce properly, as well as a tutor. I re.ember it was intense training. Now the digital world has arrived my new hearing devices are able to amplify only the ones i cant hear while keeping the ones i can at a sane level. So i can hear kida sorta. Is hard to explain but in music notes are missing, in vocals its choppy because so many tones i am just deaf to. Some i couldt hear before i now can. My dear sweet wife helps me get my songs right by being my ears.
I hope that answered everyone's questions.

My Pop was a body and fender man, with a passion for art, and did work as a advertising artist/illustrator, for a time he also worked as a Disney imagineer for a while, they used his conceptual drawings of the 7 dwarfs and wicked witch in Snow White,
He looked and sounded like Dean Martin, and worked as an impersonator for a while. So as you can imagine i grew up listening to the Rat Pack.
Then he used the money he saved up to achieve his dream of owning a horse ranch and his own body and fender shop, ending up being the top rated shop in the county for over 22 years, before retiring.
And our ranch produced 2 state champions, and 1 national.


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