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peachygurl is located in Georgia / USA and has been a SingSnap member since October 18, 2006. She has a total of 91 public recordings that have been viewed 7,822 times and 392 achievement points.

many of you know in November 2011 i had a massive ischemic stroke the doctors thought i would not survive. they didn't know peachy very well now did they. sadly the dang stroke did dramatically impact a few parts of my life. one is i can no longer touch type more devastating to me at lest is what tiny bit of singing voice i had seems to be gone. don't count me out just yet. for nearly 2 weeks post stroke i could not speak at all. i got where i could peak fairly intelligibly then about 3 weeks ago out of nowhere aphasia showed up again. my speaking voice went right in the toilet it was a labor to enunciate a single word so i with a lot of hand holding by some very kind fellow snappers i got my computer set up with a working microphone. i never was a very good singer but i still had a ton of fun recording. well i remembered my speech therapist in rehab hospital told me singing was great therapy. so i'm trying. it has helped beat the aphasia down i can speak fairly clearly again and associating a specific word to an object doesn't take me 5 minutes per object now. and even more important i can actually understand what someone says to me with out having to ask them a dozen times to repeat themselves. that's another prong of aphasia the inability to understand spoken language. so you get very few capital letters from me in my typing and some really crappy sounding recordings if they are new. i try to choose songs with a long intro so you have plenty of warning ear bleeding may result if you continue to listen. i did bring a few of my older recordings current and they show as harmony. they are not harmony. i did a duet with myself to make them have a recent date,. i'm a friendly sort of person that likes to joke around. unless it is in the politics section of the message board there you may see a little bit of my fiery temper at times. i so appreciate any and all comments even if they say you suck get off this site. nobody has been that cruel but if they were the fact they bothered to comment is still a bit of inspiration for me to keep trying. in december 2012 my mother passed away from lung cancer and without the support of some of my snap buddies i am not sure i would have retained what little sanity i had. so to those that let me lean on them during that very painful time i scream thank you as loud as i can. peachy of course is a non-de plume and if i grow to trust and like you well enough to tell you my name i beg of you to never use it publicly . i work with abused children and have gotten death threats in the past from some of the abusers. so i try my best to keep a fairly low profile on the internet. you will see/hear me mention izzy a lot. she is my "furchild " i'm not sure what animal she really is but she lives in the body of a little black cat. try to keep in mind if you click on one of my recordings that i am doing my personal best. i hope you took time to read this novel so you know me a wee bit better. thank you in advance for any visits you make and comments. if there is something you want to know i have not mentioned, just ask i may choose to not tell you but if that's the case usually i will tell you why i won't tell you. hope to see you soon . izzy is no longer with me she crossed over the rainbow bridge while i was visiting a friend in canada.
words can't begin to say how much i miss her.