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paulnpennyestroud's real name is Paul n Pennye Stroud. Paul n Pennye is located in Tennessee / USA and has been a SingSnap member since January 20, 2012. Paul n Pennye has a total of 100 public recordings that have been viewed 1,396 times and 114 achievement points.

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hello singsnappers i have been on here for a long time under cowboybuck,but made this one for me and my wife since we both love to sing,cause ya know she sings and posts it to facebook and it says by cowboybuck,and obviously she is no cowboy,neither am i really,was pretending to be to get chics,lol,but now i have my chic that i will be with the rest of our lives,so no need to pretend to be something i'm not anymore,lol,and no sense in making one for me and one for her and paying 2 goldmember fees each month,lol,so just made one with both of our names in it,killing 2 birds with one stone