Papa1978LEVEL 18


Papa1978's real name is Ben Yaney. Ben is 60 years old, is located in Ohio / USA and has been a SingSnap member since November 18, 2011. He has a total of 85 public recordings that have been viewed 6,740 times and 87 achievement points.

Hi, welcome to my stuff here. I'm not very good but I do enjoy singing. I have sang privately all of my life. You know with the car radio and such. Never in front of people really. Karaoke is very new to me and I have to say I am having a blast here and in the real world with it! I met my Connie here. My Beautiful Wife, my Heart, my Love, my World. She is known as, You_Know2.... Do yourself a big favor and check her out! But be warned.... BE READY TO ROCK! I love ya Babe! Some of you may remember me as Rod_Talons. Well I have changed my user name so... I'm Papa1978 now :)))

This is Connie and I together. :)) Im the lucky stiff on the left and she is the Angel on the right :)))