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only-a-fantasy is located in New Jersey / USA and has been a SingSnap member since April 24, 2009. She has a total of 50 public recordings that have been viewed 862 times and 265 achievement points.

PROFILE: Hi! I'm Francesca and I thank you so much for visit my page. I, like most of us, am a person who just loves music and singing. One of my fondest childhood memories is sitting on my dad's lap in a rocking chair, listening to opera. My father was a wonderful operatic tenor and it was from him that I developed my appreciation of music. I didn't begin to sing until March of 2009, when I discovered online karaoke. I fell in love and here I am!

I am so grateful for the lovely people I've met here; I've learned so much from you and made very special friendships. Thank you again for dropping by!

***The following is an except from Jonathan Lethem's introduction to the Greatest Singers of All Time feature in the November 27, 2008 issue of Rolling Stone. Though I don't do rock and roll much, I think it applies to other genre, as well.***

"There's something a bout a voice that's personal, not unlike the particular odor or shape of a given human body. Summoned through belly, hammered into form by the throat, given propulsion by bellows of lungs, teased into final form by tongue and lips, a vocal is a kind of audible kiss, a blurted confession, a soul-burp you really can't keep from issuing as you make your way through the material world. How helplessly candid! How appalling!

Contrary to anything you've heard, the ability to actually carry a tune is in no regard a disability in becoming a rock & roll singer, only a mild disadvantage. Conversely, nothing in the vocal limitations of a Lou Reed guarantees a "Pale Blue Eyes" every time out, any more than singing as crazy-clumsy as Tom Waits guarantees a "Downtown Train." Yet there's a certain time-tested sturdiness to the lowchops approach forged by touchstone figures like Bob Dylan and Jim Morrison and Jonathan Richman, one that helps define rock & roll singing.

For me, Bob Dylan and Patti Smith, just to mention two, are superb singers by any measure I could ever care about — expressivity, surprise, soul, grain, interpretive wit, angle of vision. Those two folks, a handful of others: their soul-burps are, for me, the soul-burps of the gods. The beauty of the singer's voice touches us in a place that's as personal as the place from which that voice has issued. If one of the weird things about singers is the ecstasy of surrender they inspire, another weird thing is the debunking response a singer can arouse once we've recovered our senses. It's as if they've fooled us into loving them, diddled our hard-wiring, located a vulnerability we thought we'd long ago armored over. Falling in love with a singer is like being a teenager every time it happens."

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