oldiebutgoldie's real name is paul barton,sr. paul is 66 years old, is located in USA and has been a SingSnap member since May 14, 2011. Currently, he has a total of 100 public recordings which have been viewed 7,545 times.

hello to all the folk in ksolo S.S. I enjoy this as a fun time and also I feel I have mission in my sing trys;My hearts desire is those who desire too,may be inspired to feel better after my Therapy style sing trys on here? I am some a Crooner type and sometimes I cant sing an apple off of a peach tree?HEE HEE. gotcha theres no apples on ordinary peach trees;except there actually is transplanted fruit trees.The kind which produce a variety of fruit on the one tree!I am a kind man a wounded soldier from foreign war past,I am a christian;I know GOD is for real! the Holy Bible of 1611 kjv is closest in translation to true script.I believe can be found?I cant try to convert anyone to my way.Thank God for freedoms sweet LIBERTY. I believe the LORD wills people be given Freedom;and help to not corrupt what that truly stands for.amen.I hope and Pray all come to saving Loves Grace.I confess that to me YESHUA=JESUS IS and prayers.