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nyleveeiram is located in USA and has been a SingSnap member since October 6, 2018. She has a total of 2,334 public recordings that have been viewed 34,333 times and 278 achievement points.

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Married to husband fifty four years. We live in West Virginia. We have five children, seven grandchildren, and seven greatgrandchildren. We are both retired. I love music and singing. He doesn't care all that much for music, and he doesn't sing at all. I love to sing, but I am a coward. I don't sing in public, not even karaoke. For the last year and a half we have been square dancing, we enjoy it, we have met a lot of nice people. Square dancing is a good exercise for older people.
I've been on here for a year now, but I haven' gotten any bolder. I will probably never karaoke in public, but I've learned a lot. I have a few people on here that I think of as friends and I thank them for Putting up with me. I've got some other things I need to do so I may not be on here that much anymore. I've had a lot of fun, thanks for helping me to see, that I wasn't meant to be a Pro singer. Keep singing, it's good for the soul.