Norwaybob's real name is Bob McCabe. Bob is 89 years old, is located in USA and has been a SingSnap member since October 1, 2011. Currently, he has a total of 164 public recordings which have been viewed 3,917 times.

BOB---loves to sing and dance but isn't good at singing, but he tries.. He is a widower and lives alone and uses singsnap to make him enjoy life to its fullest. He enjoys listening to some of the great singers on singsnap.-------- It has been some time since I updated my profile and I soon will be 88 ON AUG 29TH/ Still feel good for an older man. By the way, I have three children , all married and three grand children, but no great grandchildren---as of yet. I spend a lot of time on singsnap, thank God for it, as some of you guys and gals,---- sure can sing and I especially like duets. How do you stay on the words together?--- so good---- AND your all great. Don't stop AND I WILL CONTINUE TO SING AND LISTEN, AS LONG AS THE GOOD LORD ALOWS ME TOO. ALL THINGS COME FROM HIM.