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Noella's real name is Noella Landry. Noella is 59 years old, is located in New Brunswick / Canada and has been a SingSnap member since January 2, 2007. She has a total of 97 public recordings that have been viewed 5,234 times and 5 achievement points.

MySpace Backgrounds @ I love to sing. I'm a single mom(daughter 22).I like to make new friends online. I beleive that everyone that sings in singsnaps should get 5 because singing is a way to bring happiness in people's lives. Many people come here because of lonliness, hurt,sickness and many more... So who are we to put them down. Stay blessed hugs and kisses. And I want to tell you that you are special. No matter what ,God loves you and so do I. A friend Noella. I'm glad I came to singsnap.It's a good way to make friends. I love you all. There was a sentence my father would say that would touch my heart and it was "I'm proud of you". I find that it means alot so I will say (dear friends I'm proud of you so get yourself up and turn the page, who knows what tomorrow will bring). Hugs and Kisses.I have join Al Anon and have learn so much about myselft.I didn't think having a father that was drinking alot when I was a little girl affected my live so much.I also read the book codependency no more(awesome book to read).It was than I realy realize how much my life was affected by a drinking father,The choice I made,wanting to fix everybody problemes and wanting to be a mom to everybody.I realy hope my new year will bring lots of positive in my life.I hope I will find a good job .On this new year I want to loose weigh.Please have me in your prayers thanks hugs .I live close to Moncton New Brunswick and would love to meet people close to me.My daughter has moved out and I get lonly by myselft.It would be nice to make new friends in my life.If ever I said something to offend you I want to say I'm sorry.I loved to tease and I soon found out that people get offended very easy.So I promise not to tease any more.It was all in a good way never wanted to hurt no one for sure.Plese forgive me if I did.Please sign my new guess book on this page thanks so much
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