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The little blue flower on the background image is called "Forget-Me-Not".
My mom planted those in her garden before she passed away in 2000.
Since then I have spread that same plant by dividing it every Spring.
I have planted them in all the gardens where I have lived until now.
Even at her "Forever Resting Place".
I know she knows this because she sends me butterflies all the time.
Even when there is snow on the ground (If you can believe that)

This is a picture of the one I left in my last garden. But I don't live there anymore.
I never got the chance to take it with me
Hopefully it will survive for many years to come ....
Someday people will forget about the flowers and the people that have planted them,
but one can never forget the memories they leave behind if they know how much love went into them.....

Thank You So Much Everyone For Your Continued Support And Inspiration.