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My beloved friends, I have had Parkinson's for a while now and it has progressed. Part of what happens with Parkinson's is tremors, memory loss and loss of voice. my neurologist has me on three medications and they seem to be helping a bit. It takes me awhile to type things and my voice is raspy. right now I sound like a frog with a sore throat. my doctor says I should keep typing (even through the mistakes). she said it will help to strengthen my motor skills. I will try to sing a song when I feel like my voice can handle it and not scare you. my son and his partner have moved here to be with me so I am being taken care of. (she is a great cook!) I love each of you. You are in my thoughts and will stay in my thoughts. Be faithful to our Lord Jesus, be kind and above all, love each other as the Lord Jesus loves each of us. Keep the Faith!
It has been a joy singing my songs and sharing God's Word with you over the years.
As the song says, "Never let your light go out." And , "Never let your light grow dim."
May God bless and keep each of you. I will try to keep you informed as much as I can.
much love, david, (aka nightsongs).

An update of sorts if you please. 3/10/20
I spend most of my time reading and doing some writing.
my mind still composes but getting it on paper is a chore.
I try to spend sometime out in my workshop making crafts.
I make wood crafts to hang on the wall. I used to paint sayings on them but I cannot hold my hand steady enough to do that right now
because my motor skills are messed up.
My nights are occupied with watching old musicals and comedies
and talking with my son and his mate.
I usually stay up till I can't keep my eyes open any longer.
it's easier to sleep that way.
My neurologist is trying different doses of my meds to see
if I can make some progress in the motor skills area. My equilibrium is not good so I have be careful how I walk.
My voice is hoarse most of the time but it clears enough
to sing once in a while but it's gruff and hard to keep the notes.
I will come by and return your listens. The comments my be short but they are from my heart.
hugsss and blessings

Another update 4/7/2020
Well, we have been ordered to self-quarantine and it's making me nuts.
But I'm sure many of you are feeling the same way.
I miss singing, I mean really miss it.
So I have decided I can stay away from singing and SingSnap and be miserable or I can try my best and if I scare you, I apologize. Like many of you singing to me is relaxing and therapeutic. So I will try my best and hopefully you will enjoy it.
Again, I will come by and return your listens. The comments my be short but they are from my heart.
Hugsss and blessings

I love to sing. i will sing most anything but my favorite genre' is jazz standards and blues. I hope you like what i do and i look forward to you stopping by to visit my songs. I do return the visits. And oh, by the way, i know i better not give up my day job!
hugsss and blessings,

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