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UPDATE 1/31/12....I guess since it's been almost 4 years since I originally came to SingSnap, I'm well overdue an update~!.....I've enjoyed being here immensely and have made some wonderful and supportive friends~!!.....A special "thank you" to all of you who have been or are faithful listeners, I do appreciate it more than you know~!!....When I first came to SS, I was working night shift, hence the nic "nightnurse" and 60 was the year I was born.....Since then I've found it necessary to change shifts, (of course after 31 years of nursing I've worked 'em all LOL), and now I work the "2nd shift or 2:30 p.m.-whenever I get done", It's suppose to be 11:00 p.m., but that "magic hour" was set by those who haven't a clue what a shift can be like, and I never seem to meet their deadline~!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I've done a lot of different things in my career, but I fell in love with "geriatric nursing" in 1987 and have worked it since then.....The geriatric population holds a very special place in my heart, not to mention, they're a wealth of information and knowledge~!!....I LOVE to listen to their stories and about their lives....They have all been where we are today, They worked, raised families, held local offices, etc., THEY were society and so many times that's forgotten~!!!....They're also forgotten a lot of times just because they're not able to participate in society as they once were able because now it's necessary for them to live in a "long term" care setting, but that doesn't take away from who they are or who they once were~!!.....I'm proud to say I'm a "long term care" nurse and my sole purpose is to make their every day as special and as comfortable as possible.....It's not a "sad" environment, as some would think, quite the contrary~!!....I take care of them during their "resting stay", until they move on to a much better place~!!...How much sweeter could life be for all parties involved~!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I basically use SS to "wind down" after work and depending on my state of mind, sometimes I save and post them and sometimes I don't~!!.....I do my best to return visits to those who've visited me on the previous day, but sometimes I don't meet that deadline either LOL~!!.....Please be patient with me, remember I'm a geriatric nurse LOL.....If I've learned anything since 1987, I've learned you don't rush anyone in the geriatric population, EVER~!!....For the most part, the majority of them are the sweetest people you'd ever want to meet, UNTIL you "rush them/try to tell them what to do"....then they'll very quickly tell you that "no young whipper snapper" tells them what and when to do it~!!....Trust me when I say, the stories are endless~!!:/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Well I think I've rambled on long enough this time, and hopefully I'll be able to update again before another 4 years pass~!!....Thanks again for all who listen and for reading this.....HAPPY SINGING~!!:)) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Justa plain ole country the simple life and I like to surround myself with simple (meaning uncomplicated) people....*smiles*.....I'm not the greatest but I do love to sing and music is part of my everyday life......I do hope you enjoy the ones I've chosen and thanks for listening....have a great day!~~Hugs~~Rita:) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~