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The leaves crinkled under my shoes
as I took each wobbly step
looking through tall straight sticks
yellow and green peek out
through amber trunks
and wet raindrops settled on maple leaves
milky sunshine drizzles throughout my walk
while warmth and scents of wood and grass
bring me solitude and strength
as I walk down the winding road
a tiny flower drooping by a mushroom
out of place, yet welcomed by the forest floor
climbing out of the leafy compost
I wonder how such a beauty just blossoms
where it ought not
such succulent looking silky petals
bashful blue as if only a hint of color remained
looking up at the competition this little agile flower
no match for the grandest trees of stature
but somehow the sun shone through just as if
it was focusing on this little delicate blossom
helping it to grow to full maturity and beauty
dewdrops glisten and moisten the flower
giving it the ambiance of the natural earth
and finding it's place among the forest thicket
I wonder in silence my thoughts speak out in mime
as I pick up this delicate wildflower
will it live inside my world too
would it welcome my land of opportunity
my place of solitude surrounded by the proper...

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