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News_Team has been a SingSnap member since September 4, 2008. News_Team has only made one recording and 3 achievement points.

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Letters to the


Welcome to the SingSnap News Team

This is the home of the SingSnap Rhythm & News News Team. The newsletter we produce is about

one thing and only one thing. It's

about you, the members of the SingSnap community. We aren't here to rehash the threads or

create controversy. We are here to

inform, advise and entertain you. This is YOUR newsletter created for you and by you. The

writers here are all fellow members of

the community, volunteering their time in the hope that you enjoy what we have done. That is

all the reward we want.

We need your input if we are to be successful.

We are including a few features, some old some new, that we hope will increase the community

participation in your newsletter. It

would be a shame to let the newsletter fold because of apathy.

We are introducing a "Letters to the Editor" feature and an advice to the bemused and befuddled

members of the community. These two

features need your input. Our new News Team profile page allows us to provide information to

you on a timely basis. It includes
message links to our various feature departments, a brief what's new on SingSnap summary, a

who's who of the news team, links to

past newsletters and hopefully an article index from past issues.

Without you, the SingSnap community and your participation, this newsletter is just a waste of

time. You are either a part of it or

it serves NO purpose.

We believe that the newsletter will work or we would not put the time and effort in that we do.

We believe that it will work for

one reason and one reason only. We believe that the key, the thing that sets SingSnap apart

from all of the other social networking
sites out there is that we are family and families care about each other.

Please enjoy all of our newsletters.

Volume 10 - September 2009

The 10th edition of the SingSnap Rhythm & News Newsletter is about to come off of the press.

As promised we have included a FAST, easy to make recipe to let you feed your other

family and get back to what's important, SingSnap. Our new cartoonist is back with another

relevant gem. Please read the articile highlighting ray77. Ray is a senior member of SingSnap

and has so much to share with all of us.

This month we feature a "back to school" article, a look at "SingSnappers Daily Theme" and a

"new contest". We feature two UK families and a couple from Florida this month. There is a

debate on the merits of the Hall of fame, a piece on "the music that moves you", and many many more features. We hope we have

included something for everyone this month. Remember if you want us to feature something

please drop us a line.

Without your help, this Newsletter can't exist.

Please enyoy the September issue of YOUR newsletter.

Meet the Team ~ STAT_SUEof_LYRICLY

Sue, a native New York City girl from a very early age was always talking and not just

"regular" talking but "loud" talking. Her

first grade report card documents this! She finally slowed down a bit when her older "very

talented brother" told her that she had a

good voice.

Singing from that point on became mostly a hobby. Her one and only claim to fame is that in the

late 80's she recorded a Volvo

Jingle that aired in Detroit.

Her real passion lies in helping those that are less fortunate. She is the mother of a disabled

son and an obnoxious teenage son.

When not shopping or spending money she shouldn't be, she spends most of her days now nurturing

her private patient and her loved


Joining SingSnap helped quiet her somewhat, but she still talks too much and too loud and has

no plans of stopping until the battery

runs out of juice!

Meet the Team ~ singingconfession

Cassie is just a typical 16 year old girl who goes to school, surfs the internet, and

unfortunately gets surrounded by drama. But

what do you expect out of being a Junior in High School?

She deals with her stress by singing her heart out on SingSnap. Cassie refuses to let anyone

listen to her sing 'live' except her

two dogs (and best friends) Rosie and Charlie.

Besides being a closet rock star, she also hides the fact that she's a computer nerd. Her dad

is constantly having to fix her

desktop after she "tries to make it better". Thank goodness she still has her laptop.

Cassie would not be able to live without internet.

Meet the Team ~ Snuggle_Bunny

That Snuggle Bunny chick loves hanging out with her friends on SingSnap.. the neatest bunch of

tone deaf

people that a girl could ever hope to call "friends"!

When she isn't singing on SingSnap, she is dreaming of singing on SingSnap!

it's an addiction! with no ill side effects (except to those who live with the addict) She also

loves football.. GO COWBOYS! wooo!

and enjoys reading and writing and learning anything and everything.. nothing is too useless to

learn! *holds up origami frog*

On those rare moments when she isn't singing, She likes playing on the internet where she has

discovered that it is REALLY possible

to be ANYTHING ya want to be online! So What she didn't go to college and barely graduated 3rd


On a message board, online, she can practice medicine with the dummies.. um..patients.. who

post their health problems. Normally

they haven't seen a doctor in 40 some years and think that 30 or 40 strangers online can help..

that is where Snuggle Bunny steps

in! with her MD (mountain doctoring) advice! Here is an example:

EYEizSICK: My toe fell off last weekend but that isn't the problem.. It's this fever of 109

that has me feeling a little down..

any home remedies available? My wife said to ask you all.

Snuggle Bunny.MD: hmmm! sounds like you are pregnant! and in need of detoxifying vitamins!


Yeah! Online, no profession is out of your reach! it's great! isn't it?!

It's always been said that you are as smart as the goals you pick.. and for this reason her

latest goal is to figure out how to

record songs from the shower without electrical shock.. three computers and a bad hair style

later, only tells her that she isn't

even close to figuring it out (YET), but she isn't a quitter!

oh no! Not that Snuggle bunny chick!

Meet the Team ~ noelsgrandpa

He was born in a wagon of a travelin' show, oh wait, no, that was someone else. That does

however give you some idea of how old he

is. He is so over the hill that he was there when they built the hill. Heck we have it on good

authority that they actually let him

name the pile of dirt "hill".

Noelsgrandpa's real name is Phil. Phil has degrees in Psychology and Business from one of the

Internet's most prestigious online

universities. He is thinking of applying to a famous British site that specializes in

Knighthoods. (isn't the Internet wonderful?)

When Phil isn't playing on the Internet, ummmmmm duh he would be sleeping. Fortunately he has

that down to about three hours a


Phil learned some rudimentary programing skills in the early Seventies but it wasn't till the

early Eighties and the launching of

Commodore and Atari's entries into the personal computing field that he found his true love.

He has owned every state of the art computer from an Atari 400 to his current quad core

machine. From publishing early Bulletin

Boards to the latest in web coding he has followed all of the trends in online computing. From

a 300 baud modem to 10 megabits per

second connection he has enjoyed every minute of it.

Phil has asked to be buried with his latest PC just in case Beelzebub would like a new SingSnap


page designed.

Latest News

August 6th:

Trevor announced today that he planned to host some type of forum whereby he would answer

questions and/or concerns of the SingSnap

community. Details will be worked out but Trevor planned to move along rapidly in implementing

this idea.
Stay tuned for details as they are announced.

July 11th:

Per announced that he had created a link on your recording pages to let you share, in Facebook

pages, links to SingSnap recordings

with a simple click of a button. He quickly followed that up with links for Twitter and


This created a bit of a firestorm. Community members seemed to feel this was an invasion of

their privacy on some level. One member

responded: "Ok, I admit, I am VERY ADD So.....I certainly could have "missed something"

in regards to others being able to

post our sings on their own Facebook, Twitter or MySpace accounts. I feel strongly we should

have the option clicking a "yes allow"

or "No do not allow" button in our account set-up to keep our sings within our own "world." I

am not liking this at all, feeling

SingSnap has taken any control we might have had completely out of our hands.

So, did I miss something? I can't find a way to "opt out" of anyone posting my sings on THEIR


anyone else a bit "ticked" at this?"

July 28th

SingSnap was quick to respond. Per announced:

When you save a recording on SingSnap you can now set it to:
• Public (anyone can view the recording)

• Members Only (only logged in members can view the recording)

• Inner Circles (only selected inner circles can view the recording)

• Private (only you can view the recording)

These options will appear when you save a new recording but you can also edit existing

recordings by clicking on "Account" and then


Also, if you set a recording to the new "Members Only" option the Facebook/MySpace/Twitter

links will not be shown anymore.

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