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networkguru has been a SingSnap member since July 1, 2007. He has a total of 235 public recordings that have been viewed 78 times and 247 achievement points.

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I`m here to sing . that's all please no head cases . no contests ever . no themes . if that's what you like to do that's fine . but its not my thing . Married . many many people don't get me or like me . I can live with that only a fool try's to please every one . over the years ive song with a lot of very good singers . one I know for sure has died I miss her every day and ive a feeling I always will . PS I'm no fool so don't treat me like one.

so after you get past my body armour you get a good friend . some one who does not get jealous of who you talk to or sing with . I worked out long ago jealousy is a negative force it does no good at all . it brings with it its bed partners mistrust . hate . and pain .