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Nash-2 is located in USA and has been a SingSnap member since August 21, 2017. He has a total of 989 public recordings that have been viewed 17,382 times and 372 achievement points.

I am a committed and died in the wool real country and gospel music person,( none of this whatever it is, but it isn't real country).I have had my band, sang and played guitar in other bands in the country music bars and clubs. across this great country. I have sang with a lot of various bands also. We have had our own band Nash and Company, not active any longer. in years past, we played many clubs and churches throughout the southern states . I am retired now ( at least supposed to be ) Living in USA for now since warm weather is back.
I am a happily old 85 and very happy man with the love of my life who is my only and true love.God knows that for real! I am so thankful that the Lord of my life has sent me a beautiful Christian lady to love and sing with me and make my life complete. She will be singing on here with me and also has her own page. see praisehim3. Please do not take this personally, but I do not sing duets with anyone else on here. I really do not wish to get involved with any drama on this site and I have seen a lot of drama on this site since I have been a member and I definitely am not interested in any of that. Neither do I condone it. I am thankful for all the exceptional talent here on sing snap and God bless them for sharing with us.
Now I still stay busy. Still singing in the local churches here and very little traveling now. Now, staying active right here on sing snap also! Having some voice problems now but working on the problem.
How old am I ? I am a healthy, agile, active and frisky eighty five years going on thirty eight. No body believes me when I tell them anyway. (I was playing and singing when Hank Williams was popular ) I refuse to completely slow down. Age is a state of mind. The future is entirely up to the Lord and Savior of my life. JESUS CHRIST
I am so happy to have found Sing snap , this is my third year and i have made many new friends and and more then that, wonderful caring people.
I spend some of each day now (again when my voice allows me) available, right here doing what I love best. OLD SINGERS NEVER DIE THEY JUST LOOSE THEIR VOICE I"M TOLD!
THANK YOU! to each and every one who has made me really feel welcome here on Singsnap.
God Bless, Nash-2