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Nanarocks' real name is Gwendolyn Daniels. Gwendolyn is 65 years old, is located in California / USA and has been a SingSnap member since December 4, 2006. She has a total of 96 public recordings that have been viewed 14,202 times and 15 achievement points. Go to Orionchannel2010 on Youtube for live vids of me with friends jammin.....

I want to thank C_o_w_b_o_y aka Denny for the wonderful theme I just added to my SS pages...thanks SS Support!!!!

I am a Wife, Mother, and Nana....AND proud to be a Redneck!!! I love all kinds of music...and most of all I love to hear my children and grand children sing! I play guitar along with other instruments, and entertain when I can. I am a breast cancer survivor,9 years clean, and thank God for the voice to sing.....I love my family and my wonderful husband....We met on the internet 11 years ago..he was in Wales and I am in California...The light of my life...what else do I need...Peace.

I am an old Pro for all of you out there that are curious....I have been recovering from an accident since 10/07...a big ol SUV backed into me while I was walking back to my this has really kept me going! I use a condenser mic plugged into a Line 6 that is connected to my has effects built in and the phantom power I need for the condenser mic. It sounds awesome! I hope that answers the questions that you have asked....keep singing no matter what you use....Music and singing are the door ways to our souls.....and you all shine so bright and the love of singing is obvious...
I had the priviledge of perfoming with STEVIE WONDER this past September. I was gigging at the Resort where I live and was told a superstar may possibly want to play my keyboard. I almost fell over when they told me it was Stevie. I played 3 hours straight and was told that he was not going to play. I met his wife and family and she asked if I would like to meet Stevie...Of course I would!!! We talked for over an hour and he asked about my husband, so Johnny came in and we talked more. He loved my singing and told me he is working on a Gospel album dedicated to his Mother he lost sometime back. He knew who I was because of the way I sing..we held hands for the whole time!! After our talk he said he would do Supertition with me!!!! What a wonderful time. We were so blessed to meet him and his family. And I have been on cloud nine ever since. God works in special ways. I was called to substitute for another musician that night...I felt sorry for the guy who cancelled!! So know that anything is possible in this world. Keep singing Everyone!!!!
Smiles and Hugs.....Gwen