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nananettie's real name is lynette joudrey. lynette is located in Nova Scotia / Canada and has been a SingSnap member since March 26, 2011. Currently, she has a total of 297 public recordings which have been viewed 61,532 times.

A few things I would like to share about me. This site brought great joy to my dad (player1). He passed away in 2010. My stepmom, Brenda (morningsun) , my mom, (chipflix), my brother Danny, (supramax) and my brother Wade, (oledawg) are all here with me. I am just a country girl, whom loves to sing. I may not be great, but I still enjoy it. I need no drama, already have had enough of that. After being on dialysis for almost fours years (drama), I received the gift of life from a complete stranger, for that I am forever grateful, so if I am nice to you, and leave a comment from my heart, I mean nothing more than I enjoyed your music. Not looking, nor seeking anything other than a few friends to listen to now and again. To me a stranger is a friend you haven't met yet, but hell, no games, no drama and no head games or sorry, you will be blocked. Me and my family would appreciate it. Now if I haven't scared you off, come in and sit a spell, we'll share tea and cookies and a good laugh or two. I have made a playlist, feel free to access it at the top of the page, they are songs I truly loved singing.