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mzkyroze is located in Kentucky / USA and has been a SingSnap member since June 16, 2007. She has a total of 82 public recordings that have been viewed 8,850 times and 110 achievement points.

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my shining light (a poem of mine published on

by Gloria M. Cocke

i looked to the light that shines so brightly,
to guide my footsteps and walk beside me,

at times i`m lonely and self pity invades my head,
and i wonder if i would be better off dead,

but i shake the wretched thoughts from my mind,
if i died all my loved ones would be left behind,

i can`t be that cruel to see them weep and mourn,
in agony they would be so torn,

the only one with something to gain ,is satan from all the heartache and pain,

then i remember what my jesus said to me,keep your eyes upon me and satan will flee,

your heartache and pain will all be healed,and satan will see your redemption is sealed,

he told me if i had been the only one,in the whole wide world he would have still come,

to die for me and write my name,in the book of life and im no longer to blame,

so when satan accuses and point his finger,i call jesus`s name and he cannot linger,

so when you are alone and feel no one cares,jesus loves you and your cross he bears,

just call out his name and devil`s flee,because he shed his precious blood for you and for me.

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