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Life is good

mz_liz4250 is located in Australia and has been a SingSnap member since March 26, 2009. She has a total of 1,476 public recordings that have been viewed 45,531 times and 270 achievement points.

I live in Sydney Australia western suburbs at the foot of the blue mountains. I'm a countrygirl at heart and prefer the rural life where I live rather than the city but know the city is only a hour train ride away so it is the best of both. Music is the power of healing they say, it both calms our emotions and brings memories of the past and Sing Snap brings comfort from friends who have shown kindness and love. Thankyou to those who have always shown me that, I don't confess to be a good singer, my voice is mature. But I enjoy singing even though I cant hit high notes and compromise best I can.

there is no gender in my songs, I sing male songs because I am here for the pleasure of singing, which is a relaxation to me. I have never sung karaoke in my entire life in public and do not have any high expectations of how I sing or how good or bad it may sound to others. I do enjoy a nice comment. And I like making good, honest, reliable friends. I'm easy going and will be a faithful friend. If I come visit your site, you can be assured I listened to your song start to finish and never copy and paste a comment. I wish everyone a blessed life with happiness and joy around every corner.