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mz_liz4250 is located in Australia and has been a SingSnap member since March 26, 2009. She has a total of 146 public recordings that have been viewed 4,526 times and 315 achievement points.

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A widow living in the blue mountains area of Sydney Australia and this far across the world, we are always here during most of the world's singers are sleeping unless you are a real night owl Sing snap is not about private group rooms or chat, this for me is about enjoying a song or two, whether it's listening to others or just simply enjoying myself relaxing here doing a song or two. I am a pretty quiet, private person who sticks to myself a lot, maybe being an only child makes me that way but I do enjoy my friends that I have even though I'm rather guilty of not spending time to listen and comment a lot.

Although I worked in the music industry for a while, I've rather lost touch with names, or songs as I seem to only remember well the very old rock n roll days of music. I listened to music 8 hours a day for years in my work and think now I tend to not have radio on or tv. I do love movies and recently joined the monthly subscription of the tv streaming programs. I get to watch a lot of American and British tv series that we don't get here so that has taken over tv for me. I just plug my HTML cable into my tv set from my pc and there I am settled for the evening, or I take my ipad to bed and watch them on that. Gosh, we are spoilt these days for choice, I remember the days when it was pretty simple ways of everything. Maybe I'm giving away my age here. Well, you all have a nice day wont you and 'Come back soon, ya'll hear'...........regards Elizabeth.