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mz_liz4250 is located in Australia and has been a SingSnap member since March 26, 2009. She has a total of 1,375 public recordings that have been viewed 41,447 times.

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I used to fancy myself as this singer on stage when I was a little girl. I would get my hairbrush and stand in front of the dressing table mirror in my bedroom and sing my heart out. Actually, I thought at that time I was very good at imitating voices of famous singers, haha. Well, we all have dreams and fantasies. My parents must of been smiling listening to my poor attempts of my own stardom, smile. We never had holidays because we couldn't afford them, my dad had a very bad heart from a young boy so was never able to go down the mines where the bigger pay packets were made in our small mining village but we were very happy and never did me or my family ever wish for anymore than we had. My parents were proud of my talent as an artist. Somehow that came natural to me to be able to copy draw most anything I saw. Being offered a scholarship into Kings College for Art at age 15 was a chance to do dress design which I loved to draw but having parents who could not afford my materials needed for college, I had no other choice but to turn that down. Throughout my life chances have come and offers have been made in other areas to rise above the average job and somehow I floated from one to another employment not really sticking at any. I did make it into the school choir at a young age but at that time my voice was contralto and surgery for a gallstone stuck in my throat ruined my vocals plus years of smoking has made it hard for me to reach high notes or even keep enough breath to do a decent job of any song. But I enjoy doing singing in sing snap. I don't practising a song, I just sing them and save them and if I get any nice comments it does thrill me. I know I should listen to others more and maybe visit the sing snap chat room to get to know people and make more friends to become a sing snap family so to speak. I saw the light about smoking and stopped a few years back because so many of my friends passed away through smoking related problems. I hope to visit that sing snap chat room one day soon and perhaps I will meet you there and we can become friends of sing snap. I do enjoy a duet so anyone wants to offer one, please feel free to ask.
ps: I forgot to mention that I was born and raised in Northumberland, England in a small coal mining village and came to Sydney Australia to live with my family. Blessings Liz x