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mystikopal's real name is Karen McM. Karen is located in North Carolina / USA and has been a SingSnap member since February 15, 2017. She has a total of 1,340 public recordings that have been viewed 18,062 times and 624 achievement points.

Hey there My name is Karen and I enjoy singing. It's my way of unplugging and recharging my battery. I never said or even suggested that I could sing very well. Ive never had a vocal lesson in my life. I just recall so many songs and lyrics and even if they aren't in my wheelhouse, Im still going to sing 'em. I LOVE getting comments on the songs I sing and I don't even mind a lil constructive criticism, but if youre going to be a critic you better sing better than I do LOL Im a goofball and just enjoy laughing and having good times, Im an extrovert and like my fair share of attention. I have no racism or phobias about me and I tend not to be judgmental. All I want his Kindness and Fairness in the world everything falls into these categories. If you took the time to read this please drop a note in my GUESTBOOK Id ENJOY that immensely! Thanks for taking the time to stop here and read about me