Music724LEVEL 43


Music724's real name is Tara Crowe. Tara is 37 years old, is located in Pennsylvania / USA and has been a SingSnap member since April 4, 2011. She has a total of 337 public recordings that have been viewed 32,499 times and 237 achievement points.

So my whole family is on SingSnap now My mom is jerseygirl10 (most of you probably know her already) and my sister is hayleel8787! Go check them out.

As for me, I love music and can't imagine life without it. I used to sing with a band, but I gave it up for theater, in an effort to keep my drama scripted. When I'm not doing something with the stage, I love to chill out with my best friends, bake cupcakes and cookies, watch movies, and participate in my church functions!

Thanks so much for listening! You guys have been so nice