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murawskateer is 32 years old and has been a SingSnap member since March 15, 2007. murawskateer has only made one recording.

I'm baaaaccckkkk let's just hope I don't relapse lol...around only for another month or so anyway, come August 22 I move back into school and yea I'm NOT going to sing in my sorority house, and I'm taking 6 classes and working about 15 hours a week, and it's my last semester you know what that means

Peace n Love all

Myspace wooo

Music is my life, dance is my passion, and I just love to have fun, hence why I'm here...people like to think I listen to all this light music but seriously the heavier the better...Love Opeth and Cradle but those you can't really sing karaoke to haha, but classic and hard rock and heavy metal have to be my favorite genres