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moohead's real name is Moocow DeBovine. Moocow is 62 years old, is located in Florida / USA and has been a SingSnap member since May 21, 2008. He has a total of 2,618 public recordings that have been viewed 98,752 times and 312 achievement points.

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People ask me, "what's the whole Cow thing about?". This is not an example of cheap internet marketing. I AM a Cow. A furry Holstein. That's a Jewish Cow. My parents were Sid and Miriam Holstein. They were Cows, too. I spend many weeks every year on grueling cattle drives. Ever since that damn movie "City Slickers", people find it fashionable to go to dude ranches and "preside" over a cattle drive. My good friends Lenny and Morty signed up with me, and we torment the tourists by stampeding their camps in the middle of the night. We intentionally wander off the trail to torment them. It's really a lonely and fruitless life, except the laughs we get when we defecate in the chili at night. Then we found out about SingSnap. We were instantly drawn to karaoke. Lenny and Morty listen only. This makes me the only Bovine karaoke singer. I enter contests occasionally, but tend to sing when the urge strikes when the damn tourists are trying to sleep late at night. Please stop by and listen to my songs. Say hi. I'll PM you from the cattle drive. See ya in a contest one day

Mr Moohead