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Montana55LEVEL 53

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Montana55 is 68 years old, is located in USA and has been a SingSnap member since August 20, 2011. Montana55 has a total of 251 public recordings that have been viewed 23,130 times and 308 achievement points.

Singing expresses that which words and thoughts alone cannot. We sing in joy and in sorrow. Singing moves us in certain ways..
Feel like you need something to lift your spirits? SING!! Life is a struggle – whatever you’re struggling with, it helps to hear words of encouragement that remind us that we all take knocks in life, but the best things in life come through persistence
Whether you’ve just had another setback chasing your dreams, been rejected by someone you care about, faced tragedy, or you’re just feeling drained from the ups and downs of this journey we call life, remember that things can turn around in an instant. All you have to do is keep moving forward, even when it feels like it would be easier to just lay down and give up.
All I'm gonna say is have fun singing and may I also give a piece of advice to you..if
you listen to people sing and you like it..LEAVE a comment for them. There's nothing nicer then for them to see that "you" enjoyed their song and sing.
It just builds one up and musters up their confidence to keep on singing.
So keep on singing,don't let anyone Stop you!

Just a tidbit bout myself:
Not here lookin for any romance or relationships
I'm just here to sing and that's all.
I love animals of all kinds but horses my favorite

Have a Great Day/Night!