I know who it was, THANK YOU! <3

Mojo_Risin's real name is Alan Alphonsarini. Alan is located in Indiana / USA and has been a SingSnap member since October 27, 2010. He has a total of 21 public recordings that have been viewed 684 times.

I am hear to have some fun, hope you are too! I enjoy singing and I enjoy listening to others, I really enjoy it when I find those folks that feel the lyrics and lay it down the way the writer meant for it to be...when ya think about it, each song is a piece of somebodies life, a good or bad time that they went through, now feeling your way through the lyrics and then crawlin into the music, feeling it, that is a great thing to see and hear...
I am just a man on his way to the off ramp, as we all are I guess,But Before we get there what say we have some fun?