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Feels So Right ~ Do you ever just start cryin when you hear a certain song U**

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Love lingers with u**
had a rough 2016 with losing my
And a set back in my health I'm gradually getting well again their a few people on ss that helped me deal with Brad death & my health issues I'm totally grateful
I met some wonderful people
2017 well be a healing process for me to lose a child is unbearable
Love peace & happiness


Sometimes my tears will not let me speak but just know I love you to my son Brad always. you carry me through each day. Love is a bond that none can break love you so much

My son brad passed a way may 10th 2016
He was my life & I'm going to have a hard time but I have to try he was most caring person always trying to spare others his wishes are no service he gave up the fight may he rest in peace I will always miss you cause we had a special bond