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The Greatest Gift Of All is U ***

Misty_Rose's real name is Beverley Ann. Beverley is 105 years old, is located in Ontario / Canada and has been a SingSnap member since April 12, 2008. She has a total of 3,603 public recordings that have been viewed 142,052 times and 541 achievement points.

First of all everyone can sing
It's a god given gift it's heart warming & heals your hurt
Enen though it's not a dating site
I have respect for all the couple's on SS it's sweet & touching you warm my heart all of you

************ ************

Real people don't Smile all the time !!!
I don't like Phony people or Grahpics
I don't have mega friends I keep my circle small but
I have a fair size fans list of SS favs who we comment on each other's songs
I did meet one person who touched my heart
Why I do not know but things happen & nothing I can do it's real I only know that

~~~~```~~``~~.~~~~~ ~~~~``~~~`~~~~~~~

I return comments but not into mush ~plain & simple is me I'm not singer per say but think I'm good enough for karaoke I say

It's rude to come and read profile & listen to song to be nosy & not leave a comment

My. Son Brad _1971 - 2016 May 10th

My son brad.
Love & miss him

Till A Tear Becomes A Rose

Everyone can sing. It's a gift we were all born with
It's music from my heart to your heart when I sing
So don't make excuses it's karaoke not a professional site
Sing & the music will follow

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