Letters Have No Arms ur so right love ya more then u kn always

Misty_Rose is 101 years old, is located in Ontario / Canada and has been a SingSnap member since April 12, 2008. Currently, she has a total of 207 public recordings which have been viewed 6,573 times.

Hi I am on ss to sing as best i can i am not a singer but love trying good or bad i here because singing fills a lot of lonely hours for me ,i live alone find singing fills the gap of silence and four lonely walls i hope to find some one who likes me for me someday . sing as though it as though its yr last day not into drama or worrying about who is with who its thier bussiness.
a good friendship can be lost so it best we mind our own affairs

my son brad who has alot of heart promblems since birth now has Hodgkins( cancer) he has been having a lot of promblems lately all added up to this its treatable with chemo & radition but brad says no
i am over whelmed and i dont know how i can keep my sanity. thank you for message songs* most of all prayers . from mdfs on ss many more these are some people who just take it up themselves to message me daily and i am grateful to you all thank you love you & god bless hug bev

You are Rose You have a noble and sophisticated bearing. You are an eternal romantic, and a firm believer in love