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Unchained Melody one of the greatest love songs ever written in my eyes it is ****

Misty_Rose's real name is Beverley Ann. Beverley is located in Ontario / Canada and has been a SingSnap member since April 12, 2008. She has a total of 2,762 public recordings that have been viewed 103,363 times and 518 achievement points.

I lost two people one my son who passed away he was my life & I lost somone I fell in love but it's not to be but I will always love him ! I been to he.. & back but I'm still here I'm not a singer per say but I try I'm here to enjoy ss it calms me gives me a reason to get up but I'm not here to be a winner if you comment or just listen thank you I do return comments I love your comments I read each one the lib I can do without I say how I feel about yr songs in my comments I don't like graphics lazy way I say i been honest & real & people don't smile all the time do they?
Life isn't fair
So miss him part of me died when you left me

My. Son Brad _1971 - 2016 May 10th

My son brad.
Love & miss him

Till A Tear Becomes A Rose


Everyone can sing. It's a gift we were all born with
It's music from my heart to your heart when I sing
So don't make excuses it's karaoke not a professional site
Sing & the music will follow

I had a rough 2016 with losing my

I met some wonderful people
2017 well be a healing process for me to lose a child is unbearable
Love peace & happiness


Sometimes my tears will not let me speak but just know I love you to my son Brad always. you carry me through each day. Love is a bond that none can break love you so much

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