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Grrrrrr those seedy character who pm me probably married & cheating on line

Misty_Rose's real name is Beverley Ann. Beverley is located in Ontario / Canada and has been a SingSnap member since April 12, 2008. She has a total of 2,463 public recordings that have been viewed 91,436 times and 513 achievement points.


My friends are few but real you learn as you go just who some are really about
This is real life here and not everyone loves ' everybody i do love somebody & I love my family I care about the people i met here on ss some has touched my heart
And I know who is just honest trustworthy people
I'm a grown up who knows what's what in this world
I fell in love & that's as real as it can be.
So miss him

My. Son Brad _1971 - 2016 May 10th

My son brad.
Love & miss him

I'm just me like me or not
I'm as real they come
I don't smile all the time
Does any one?
I have a few friends in Singsnap that I consider a friend
But I have met a lot of super people
And I fell in love with someone as well
I enjoy trying to sing
I also will try any song once
Everyone can sing. It's a gift we were all born with
It's music from my heart to your heart when I sing
So don't make excuses it's karaoke not a professional site
Sing & the music will follow

I had a rough 2016 with losing my
And a set back in my health I'm gradually getting well again their a few people on ss that helped me deal with Brad death & my health issues I'm totally grateful
I met some wonderful people
2017 well be a healing process for me to lose a child is unbearable
Love peace & happiness


Sometimes my tears will not let me speak but just know I love you to my son Brad always. you carry me through each day. Love is a bond that none can break love you so much

My son brad passed a way may 10th 2016
He was my life & I'm going to have a hard time but I have to try he was most caring person always trying to spare others his wishes are no service he gave up the fight may he rest in peace I will always miss you cause we had a special bond