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mimi530's real name is Deann Simmons. Deann is located in Texas / USA and has been a SingSnap member since April 15, 2012. She has a total of 114 public recordings that have been viewed 6,864 times and 312 achievement points.

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Hi everyone , my name is Deann
I have been singing on sing snap I think since 2009. it's fun and relaxing. I enjoy the comments and making friends.
I want to thank my friends on here for their kind words, friendship, support and those who have prayed, for your prayers.
Really fun getting to know kind caring people and it's amazing how somehow we connect!!!!
thank you for coming by.
Deann Simmons

I want to thank Inday for the sponsor. Thanks Inday!!!
Just thought I would share this...been hoarse a lot since last year.
Two things happened last year.
Got a new HVAC
My oldest of my two brothers passed away suddenly.
When I got the news I couldn't handle it and just started really crying out loud, and I could not seem to control it even though I tried.
Later that day while sitting at the table. I leaned my head backwards towards heaven and closed my eyes and said a silent prayer..."if only I could see him one more time".
That night I went to bed and went to sleep and briefly during the night awoke and saw a vision, it was very brief, It was my brother, Sonny. He was smiling and clapping. Then fell right back to sleep. Not quite sure how long maybe less than a week later during the night I awoke briefly and saw another vision of him, this one was even more brief and he was smiling and walking. Afterwards once again, I fell back to sleep.
For weeks after I lost my brother I would cry it seemed like everyday.
For awhile I would cry and I pondered the 2 visions for a meaning.
Then one day while crying I realized how selfish I was being. My brother was happy in both visions- smiling and clapping in the first-smiling and walking in the second. I thought to myself...smiling means happy and clapping means happy and approval and walking means freedom. In the second vision where he was walking it was kind of a partial side view but I could see he was smiling. My brother had a beautiful smile. I put it together. He was happy and free.
I didn't cry after that, but realized I was hoarse a lot. Since we also got a new HVAC-not sure whether all that crying caused irritation, or the new a/c with such low humidity.
Hoping and praying will get back to normal soon as possible.
Singing is just something I have always enjoyed so I still try when my voice is more clear.
Well I wanted to share this story to possibly comfort others that have lost a loved one.