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If I have any left, I apologize for being a jerk and that's putting it mildly. I've had a few complications in my life recently such as being bit by a poisonous centipede two weeks in a row, (they grow to about 6" here in Texas) One man here died twice on ambulance trip to hospital. (Antidote saved him). Had mild heat strokes, was stung about 50 times mainly on the head by a rogue swarm of bees, I'm almost done with 6 weeks now of getting a black mold out of my lungs and brain and losing nearly 20 lbs. Then that of losing a TV hero Robin Williams I looked up to and now a co-worker/friend who lays lifeless in a hospital bed waiting to be unplugged and sent to Heaven any day now. So I feel pretty damn lucky and should have nothing to complain about. God woke me up today (Tuesday 08-19-14) as I was walking through a cow pasture this morning stepping over cow patties. The last cow patty was a bit larger and had these gray diamonds in it as I was about a foot away from stepping over or on it. It was a coiled up 3 foot long diamondback rattler with 13 rattles and a button and when she came after me I'll just bet she could have swallowed a golf ball with no problems and I wasn't about to let her have my balls. LOL
I don't like letting friends hear of all my little problems when I know that they have it much worse than I. It is my friends whom I pray for, not I. I'm supposed to be the rock for my friends. I'm very sorry that I've let many of you down. I know what I must do. Get healthier, stronger, more organized and in direction of pending goals and want to be that rock again, should my friends need me.
Hugs & Blessings, Mike