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MichuPichu's real name is Nora B.. Nora is 39 years old, is located in Germany and has been a SingSnap member since August 8, 2011. She has a total of 10 public recordings that have been viewed 907 times and 61 achievement points.

Hey everyone!
Thank you for stopping by at my studio - over the years that Ive been a part of this wonderful community, I met so many fanatastic and lovely people and I wrote a lot here on this page (you dont have to read all this stuff ).

So if you like, you can find out more about me on my webpage (still under construction) Dettamusic - Homepage or you can visit me on facebook Dettamusic on facebook or follow me on twitter @dettamusic or for my private account @NoraBorner . If you would like to hear my own music - You can find me on YouTube as well. For example here is a link to my song Demons on youtube.

Oh and dont wonder - I call myself Detta ... why? Find out on my website!

So thank you and please dont forget - music keeps the world together! Noone can be wrong... even if you dont have a perfect voice.. as long as music comes straight from the heart, it is absolutely right! So enjoy singing and enjoy singsnap...


DEAR FRIENDS and SNAPPERS from all around the world -
I´d like to say THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for your support and for your wonderful comments and likes at facebook and for everything you did in the past and you´ll do in the future... im so happy to be here on ss - to be a part of this wonderful community... So I know my voice sounds not so good atm but I try my best, not to hurt your ears But most of all, id like to have fun - so i hope you´ll have fun too

Thank you for stopping by - reading my profile - hearing my music - and for leaving greetings and comments...

Have a wonderful day



We love to sing and share our songs - we love to sing for you - and we love to have fun together! So if you have some time - visit us on facebook for more details..

At first I have to say, that Im german and so my english is not perfect. But I hope, you can understand, what I´m trying to say... Thank you for stopping by and reading here ...
Thank you all so much for your wonderful comments - i try to visit you all, just to listen to your songs... but - only when your words are coming from your heart in the moment you hear the song... i dont like paste&copy comments..
The reason is - when i hear a song, i do the same - i let my heart write... hope you understand, what im trying to say

My way to SingSnap:
I was searching for a karaoke-version of "Daddy´s Hands".
My Daddy passed away on June, 27th, 2011 after a over 20 years of illness. When I heard this song for the first time, it feels so right to sing it and keep a memory of my Daddy in this song. I found SingSnap and thats why Im here

Since I was born, I loved singing. I loved this way to express my feelings. Whether classic or modern, I like all styles as long as the music and the lyrics have a message. For myself, it is important to interpret the songs in my own way and not to imitate a singer. That is why some of my songs sound different.

Something about myself:
I was born in 1981 in a small town in Germany. In 2002 I met my ex- husband. I moved from my hometown to him. I was married for about 10 years till my husband cheated on me... but ok - so I got the chance to meet the best man ever in Aug 2013. So our relationship is wonderful and so different from all Ive ever felt before. its a wonderful feeling, to know he is there.. (I love the way he treats me like a lady and for what I am, not for what others would like to see in me... he is unbelievable... wow... )

So D. - I love you from the deepest part of my heart! You are the reason, why Im finally home!!

My family is pretty big. I have nine siblings, 23 nieces and nephews and a wonderful grand-niece. She is 5 years old (born 2008) and likes singing with me. Perhaps there is a recording of her once.

I'm looking forward to meet nice people from all over the world on SingSnap, who love music as much as I do.*************** A big big big "thank you" for your wonderful comments ************************



A BIG BIG THANKS to all of you, who became "friends". I feel very honoured by all of your wonderful comments and sometimes it brought tears in my eyes. A SPECIAL THANKS to Rebecca, for beeing such a great new friend - I dont know you for a long time, but it still feels like knowing you for years. We´ve got so much in common and I thank god for meeting you here. You are so special - thank you

Also a big thanks to Alan, Bobet and all the ones I forgot for supporting me and giving me this warm feeling of doing all the things right here.

I know my english isnt always right, especially when Im controlled by my feelings - so I hope it deep from the bottom of my heart, that you know, what im trying to say.

Sometimes music is the only way to express whats going on deep inside. Since I found Singsnap and all the amazing people here, i feel much better. There was a time when my father died, when I didnt know, how my life could go on. I still miss him so much and so I cant explain what it means to me to be here, sing songs from my heart, thinking of him and know, he would be proud of me. Maybe the day will come, when I see him again - but who knows? Who knows what will come after our life on earth ends...? I dont know - so there is only hope... and as long as the hope is living in me, I will sing.. sing for the beloved ones I lost and all the ones, who wanna hear me sing..

Im sorry for this emotional part of my profile - I know this is maybe not the right place for it - but when I should say something about me, then this is a part of it..

God may bless you all and keep you save...

Update 22.07.2012...
For all of you, who are searching for some of my songs and couldnt find them.. i decided to set most of my songs to private..

Update 11.08.2012...
So I will move on to another town, and be off at ss for a maybe a few weeks.. but i will come back I wish you all the best, enjoy singing and have wonderful days...

Update 14.09.2012...
Hey there Im back again. Troubled times pasted by and now i get the chance to face my new life Lets start Sometimes it needs time to realize, that you can only count on yourself - so live your life the way you want it ... and I want to sing A special thanks to all my friends here on ss, who believed in me.. and cheered me up .. YOU ARE WONDERFUL!! THANKS!

Update 25.11.2012...
WOW... YOU all are so wonderful - and i feel really honoured by such wonderful comments, messages and new friends here on SingSnap Its always a pleasure for me, to sing my songs here. I know, sometimes my voice is a little bit rough, sometimes i cant catch all the notes I want to get or sometimes my audio settings are just bad.. but - and i think thats the most important thing - I have fun And by getting such wonderful feedback - i feel really good So thank you all so much for your words, your support and to my special ones for there friendship
** So I hope I got better settings now - lets start singing and having a good time **