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Michael57's real name is Michael Wilde. Michael is 63 years old, is located in United Kingdom and has been a SingSnap member since February 26, 2017. He has a total of 3,865 public recordings that have been viewed 64,065 times and 604 achievement points.

I found this site by accident while looking for karaoke c.d's. online. I'm not very well these days and can't get around much, but I've always loved to sing, to myself at least, so this was a great find for me. I used to have dreams of putting on shows in care homes and the like. As I worked as a carer and entertainment coordinator for a group of homes for the last few years, I was able to do this, for a short time and in a very amateur way. But due to disability, I had to quit the job I loved. Left it too late I guess.

I love to hear all the people singing on here and having such a really good time. There are some very talented people on this site, but it's the simple joy of song we share together, that shines through and gives me such a real pleasure! More power to you all!

I've always lacked the confidence (and ABILITY I hear you shout!) to sing much in public, so the kind and non-judgmental attitude of the folks here is a real God send to me.

I've been a member for three years now, and sad to say, I'm still very lacking in the ability department. I make no excuses, I've had people on this site offer to help me, but I'm too stuck in my ways to change now! Anyway, I'm having such a lot of fun, that I'll keep on assaulting your poor ears as long as I'm able. Amazingly, no-one as yet, has sued me for their pain and suffering and instead, people have been very kind (poor old soul, but at least he tries!!) about my "singing", well what else can I call it? (No, PLEASE don't answer that!!)

Thanks very much to you all for looking me up, for your views, your comments, but, most of all, for your kindness. Keep singing!!!

My warmest regards,