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mermaidtat2's real name is Rach .. Rach is 36 years old, is located in Australia and has been a SingSnap member since November 17, 2011. Rach has a total of 1,574 public recordings that have been viewed 70,798 times and 395 achievement points.

I have a short attention span, so long instumental breaks drive me crazy and I don't do "fillers" - you know, the "yeah baby yeahs". This also means almost all of my songs are one-takers (I just can't be bothered re-recording lol, sorry, )

And look, I get it, some people actually make an effort with their appearance before they record on here - but I'm afraid you guys are out of luck with that - generally I record at night after I get home from work, and the last thing I want to do is go and slap a face on, so you guys are getting whatever the real world has had to look at all day (sorry! )

I like coffee. A Lot (Which probably explains the fidgeting )

Basically, I'm just another weirdo, kidding around.

My listening tastes range from Heavy Metal through to Mozart, but generally my vocal tastes hover around the glam rock/ new romantic / folk / country areas and surprisingly, most of my favourite vocalists are guys - go figure?

If I''m not singing, I'm roller skating, SUPing (ok I'm kidding, I still sing while I do those things hahaha ) or hanging out with my zoo of animals

My poor hubby can't stand the squawking, so I generally only sing when I have the house to myself, which is unfortunate for the neighbours - whoops , any tips for sound proofing??

I welcome CONSTRUCTIVE feedback, if I'm sounding pitchy or flat, TELL ME.
Anyone being nasty just for the sake of it will be blocked.