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Thank you singsnap for the happy anniversary greeting..Yes,i have been here 8yrs,cant believe it lol

Memorie is located in New Zealand and has been a SingSnap member since May 19, 2010. She has a total of 276 public recordings that have been viewed 89,332 times and 1,295 achievement points.

Hello my friends here on singsnap. I have been here since 2010,and have met a lot of wonderful people,who to me,I consider family.. I don't write much on my profile,but if I have to,I will!!I post pictures here of,my home town,my family and their friends,those sorts of things!!Waving to my friends..Hugs,and Smiles..Memorie Linda.

My grand-daughter Hilary,Far Left..She is a dancer ,with the Manea Pacifica Group.. So proud of her,She lives in Australia..They are all beautiful..xx

Hey! The Rhumba Boogie for Me..Haha..

My beautiful g-daughter Hilary,Love you lots..

Gypsy Woman is here ..Nan xx

My Heart will go On..Celine Dion..

Our Beautiful Darcina,23yrs,and so proud of her too.. Love you babe..
A bronze medal winner at the Commonwealth Games in Scotland..Her sport Judo!!

Little miss Hilary,3rd from left,with her dance group..woot woot.

North Island,NZ..