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Praying for the day that all will come together in forgiveness and hence perfect love.
the way God intended it to be

singing is not only my way to relieve stress, but a way to show my love for others-
so, with that said, it can get a little intense sometimes between my heart, my soul, and my voice--and not to mention my written words about the songs I am singing.
I am an open book when it comes to feelings and expressions which in this day and age we live in, might be a little too much for people to take it.

I wish I would have learned to play the guitar so I wouldn't have to sing cover tunes and could really let my words free. Maybe someday~
I know there is a lot of electronic stuff out there I could do, but it's just not the same-
it lacks emotion to me.

I don't post banners from contests, it's a honor and I am thankful, but I just don't feel the need. If I touched someone in this life while I am here then that's all that matters