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Marjazz is 58 years old, is located in Finland and has been a SingSnap member since April 21, 2007. She has a total of 98 public recordings that have been viewed 10,004 times.

Information Written by Marjazz

I am a 50:ish... working woman who found a passion for singing by coming across a long gone singing site called ksolo.
If I had never thought of googling " internet karaoke" I would not be singing today. Finding online karaoke made me want to sing and sing more. It opened up a whole new world of wonderful music and great singers and the possibility for me to be a part of all that.

At first I just thought " I'll sing for a while and then start doing something else..." I didn't know how wrong I was. I have yet to move on to other passions that are out there waiting: I used to sew more and I still want to start painting or drawing but with the work and the family and the few friends that are still around after so much singing, there just isn't enough time. I wish I was like Napoleon and only needed 5 hours sleep. Then I could do other stuff more.

But for the time being I will continue to sing here. Thank you for encouraging me with any comments. And thank you for just listening without comments. I am sorry for not returning all your listens. I feel a bit guilty about that, but even if I don't listen back I sincerely appreciate all the listens I get.