MaribelLEVEL 60


Vacation... vacation... vacation..

Maribel is located in Georgia / USA and has been a SingSnap member since June 30, 2007. She has a total of 42 public recordings that have been viewed 855 times and 353 achievement points.

I love Singsnap second to my husband . Here I met a lot of nice people that don't discriminate anyone. Singing is my stress reliever.

I am married for 28 years to my husband Don, and we have 3 daughters. Hubby is also a singsnap member. I live an ordinary and simple life. I do have hobbies like fruit and vegetable carving, baking, cooking and eating .
I am a very good person and try not to make troubles to anyone.

I still go to work everyday but hopefully, not too long to retirement. I have to keep my job for my bills ( of course! ) and the medical insurance. I had two major surgeries, one was the breast cancer in the last quarter of 2017. I am still within the 5-year phase trying not to get choked on the daily medicines and other fun stuff. Singing makes it a little better.

I have no training on singing. I can't read music. I just love to listen and watch live singing contest growing up and up to my college years. Most of the songs I don't know the title until I hear SS members singing it. Now a days, we have "alexa" to ask or youtube to search.

I don't aim to perfecting a song before posting it. I know I can never get it perfect. My voice is what it is.. hopefully will not hurt anybody's ear drums.
If it does...I am so sorry .

Thank you for becoming my friend, and for stopping to listen and leave comments on my song.