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Mariah1059's real name is Jeanette N. Jeanette is 60 years old, is located in USA and has been a SingSnap member since March 18, 2016. She has a total of 918 public recordings that have been viewed 35,338 times and 371 achievement points.

I genuinely appreciate having this site to sing and enjoy others singing. Such a blessing to have a place to go and join others in my love for music. ;0)

I love to sing, and I love to listen to others sing....if I have missed commenting please know that I try to have the time to do so and it doesn't always work. I completely enjoy stopping in and listening as often as I can. And remember, we never really know what is going on beyond the computer screen in peoples lives....this place is often a refuge ;0)

Sing away........

God bless - Jeanette ;0)

Away out here they got a name for wind and rain and fire, the rain is Tess, the fire's Joe, and they call the wind Mariah