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maralex's real name is Marlene Alexander - Huxter. Marlene is 72 years old, is located in Newfoundland and Labrador / Canada and has been a SingSnap member since July 6, 2007. She has a total of 159 public recordings that have been viewed 18,731 times and 530 achievement points.

Update :
I can no longer hear so cannot listen to all you wonderful singers .
Overnight , early January , I lost the hearing I had in the only ear I could listen with because I was already totally deaf in the other ear because of a brain tumour removal .
I am hoping with all my heart , yes and praying too , that something will be able to be done, but whatever will be will be .
Take care , I hope to be back ........keep singing

I am a mother of six and grandmother of ten ~~married for 50 years now ~ where the heck did that time go .

Not much to say about me , I am originally from England , but moved to Newfoundland at a young age my mother was English , and my father served in both the British and Canadian army

I love to sing and try to get out to karaoke twice a week, with a great group of friends . So I'm more than a little deaf , but can't let that stand in the way
I love to sing , and don't think I do near enough
But I enjoy listening to you too , so be happy , sing often !!!
Hugs, Marlene[/