ManofsongLEVEL 47


Manofsong's real name is David RT. David is located in USA and has been a SingSnap member since April 6, 2007. He has a total of 100 public recordings that have been viewed 35,489 times and 267 achievement points.

I don't ever plan on running any marathons and certainly climbing Mount Everest is out of the question - so the more viable choice would be to come here and do some listening and try some singing.

I've always been a lover of music and enthusiastically involved in writing, singing, and playing most of my life.

I really enjoy listening to some of the amazing talent on this site. My intentions of commenting are to give you honest feedback for your performance. I do not view your performances to receive comments on my performances.

I simply enjoy being a small part in the music industry wherever I can.

Concerning duets and requests - I enjoy singing with spontaneity with songs that I like and when I have time to sing them - with no added pressure, however, please feel free to sing with anything I have available.

I do welcome suggestions (but no guarantee of singing them), and I typically keep a list of those songs, but I prefer to sing them if they work for my voice and if they help me to strengthen my singing capabilities.

Thanks !