lovelybreda is located in Slovenia and has been a SingSnap member since September 11, 2011. She has a total of 210 public recordings that have been viewed 55,696 times.

I try to sing all kinds of music, because I love all kinds of music and so I have a complete understanding of all, who is not close to this (my) music, that for them some of my songs are entirely foreign, but here is the proof that I do not just sing "lovable" music in order to get as many of your comments as possible. Of course, I am very happy every single comment but I mainly use the singsnap program, because of my love for different music.
I sing most of the songs only once and I want to learn new songs This is my real fun here

I thank all my esteemed friends for every visit to my studio, with love, Breda

Because a lot of questions about me, I decided to give you all some of my data.
My job was on stage but I'm not performed as a singer. After the end of career I had more free time, my sister has persuaded me that I came to singsnap and now I'm here ..
I have a lot of loyal friends and listeners, and all I am grateful for the attention which I enjoyed